闘牛島 徳之島

“Bullfighting Island Tokunoshima”

Tsunaki Kuwashima

When I watch bullfighting of Tokunoshima, I can take in existence of own ancestral hot DNA of ancient times clearly. The bullfighting is the figure which came over with our ancestor of our own to a flow of the Kuroshio Current that is hotter than a distance of the Pacific. We ancestor was going to make “power” and “the beauty” not to be able to measure to entrust the figure of the cows which clashed with every effort each other with own greed and wish entirely, and to dwell in them our one.

Our body is formed of blood and a bone, but I look in own skull directly and cannot really watch it. And the physical part supporting us intertwines with each other complicatedly and cannot take temperature of the bloodstream to join them together.

But, for example, through a film and the CT scanning of the X-ray, we may see through breathing for hot blood and the existence of a big bone forming oneself a little and may confirm the existence.

I represent ancestral DNA which came over with the Kuroshio Current forming oneself from the root like radiography and take it, and the confirmation of being myself will continue working by laminating them one by one.

I represent even one piece exactly much and take it, and, for scenery to laminate, I pass away on a marine way.