Review of the Fuji Photo Salon New Photographer Award 2001 on News paper THE YAMANASHI NICHINICHI SHIMBUN.

A photographer Tsunaki Kuwashima won the first prize Fuji Photo Salon New Photographer Award 2001,the award of photography given to a new talent with fresh possibilities of their own style.

Titled “Live Till Die”,Kuwashima captures the fight against illness of his father who died this year.

The series of award winning photos consist of 10 photos of color and of black / white.

As the issue was too straight forward Kuwashima sometimes got confused to carry on,but his friend strongly suggested him to apply for this award.

“I thought about those business fighters of the babyboomers like my father, and things that they have been dropping off and leaving in the competition” says Kuwashima looking back how his father lived. His first photography book that also captures his father’s fight against the illness stories his life at hospital by tracking his family’s support, his face with medical appliance, his joking and his bathing in the inorganic hospital bath. Kuwashima’s work sometimes goes for portraits and sometimes for landscapes of Shinjuku.

Those photos are published in fashion magazines etc.

There is one particular subject of he has being enthusiastic about, which is the landscapes of south foothills of Yatsugatake.

The beautiful landscapes of Yatsugatake,South Alps and Mt.Fuji viewable from Kabura, a district that used to be a reclaimed land in ●●-cho attracted him so much. He has being taking pictures of Kabura with the landscapes of surrounding natural resources.

Those landscapes with a little taste of retrospect are cut out through Kuwashima’s selected angle and re-born as the photography of Kuwashima.

“The photography now is usually criticized with whether it’s cool or not, but Kabura has ultimate beauty.

I am also very interested in people living there to shoot.” At the age of 28 now, Kuwashima is trying to dig through his photography down the importance of Japanese culture that we’re loosing.

He persuades himself to do it now.

Kabura is one of what he could do for it now.

Kuwashima’s theme of his creation is now toward the Bull Fight in Tokunoshima, Kagoshima Prefecture. His photography will even expand sights broader.