Contribution:Fumihiro Hayashi

Extracts from the scene of Designing magazine

“Dezain no Genba”

“To me, photography is like Ukiyoe in the era I live” says Tsunaki Kuwashima.

Although Kuwashima headed to London to let his dream, that is to be a director of music video, come true, he in the end chose photography to to live in.

The mid. 90’s of London is the era that came to alive again with many of talented young creators after a long period of absence with the fresh air.

The town got over the chronic disease of British and was paid off its economical success.

Having chosen the town of London, what Kuwashima was looking for from there?

The fashion photography in 90’s had a big influence from Purple Browse, an independent French magazine that merges Fashion and Art together. By the magazine’s appearance at the least the fashion scene was supported to require professional models or the similar that have perfect body in its photography, the magazine bared to choose just normal looking girls for the fashion photos and blurred the boundary of professional models and the not.

Also the fashion photography was no more deliberate ” fashion ” in the magazine and was just like snapshot cut out from everyday scenes. This anti-fashion style of Purple becamefashionable and supported by many of young photographers, especially Japanese fresh talents, and whirled all the fashion magazines into the style.

Yet, this Purple style could be mandated only for very significant photographers to cope with,as the photos of Purple style can easily look very puny if average photographers did.

I wouldn’t blame any fashion editors to take this style because it could cut expense on shooting off a lot and takes little time to shoot, which is very natural. Sad enough however, you cannot ignore that Japanese fashion editors don’t have enough ability to actually understand what photography is, so that mass-producing photos of this style upon its easiness resulted to give loads of birth of boring poor trash. And beyond that, even poor stylists have got started shooting Fashion! I mean, the notion of fashion photography of Purple style in Japan railed off from its initial purpose and only its easiness started to walk alone in the end.

Well, another result of this style that let photography get closer to people was undoubted though.

But the hope is still here. This kind of situation never last that long.

Fell into the hell, what is waiting for us is just some fresh air, new stream to come.

The photograph that Kuwashima creates would be positioned opposite from the Purple style fashion photos, probably because ha was in London at the time. Based on real technique,

his photography is condensed with the sense of the times and orthbox beauty.

His ultimate ability to mix the classic and keenly captured the feeling of the time seems very refreshing for this era.

” My favorite Ukiyoe artist is Syaraku. His left so many fantastic pieces whereas he appered suddenly and had gone just so shortly. No one clearly knows who he was.It looks okay to me, my name is not a matter as long as my photography lasts.”

Another point of Kuwashima’s photography is that he lives in Yamanashi Prefecture.

He spent his college-hood in Tokyo and then went to London, which means he spent his 20’s in the world’s biggest cities. Now finally he lives in country as Yamanashi wrapped with a nature.

This connotes that photography is now heading to gain both the nature given inspirations and

the city given from simply being inspired by city.

To express a new value by mixing the modern technology with nature is maybe what the next-coming generation like Kuwashima is trying to spesk for. In that sense,

Kuwashima’s creative world is to let us see the possibilities of our new era.