Contribution:Fujio Mukoyama

The South Alps City art museum director

(Former Yamanashi Prefectural art museum arts section director)

The recommendatory letter(translated)

Tsunaki Kuwashima is one of the photographers whom I want to pay attention to most at the collection of photographs “bullfighting island, Tokunoshima” and “Shuan” ,”Yamanashi” (All store up the British Museum, Victoria & Albert Museum).in a series of an essay or a private exhibition, [ push and ] As a writer I would like to observe the photograph art circles in Japan most now when it is trying to clear a new ground level, piercing through a look beyond a lens. It was held by the gallery of Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Art in 2000 that I met with his work for the first time, A fierce black large cow seizes on an angle after the homecoming result announcement exhibition [Air Hole 2000] focus on the portrait work of London. The photograph collection in 2006 on the theme of the traditional culture “bullfighting” of suiting Kagoshima Tokunoshima is announced, and it’s created a sensation and an echo is called. Above all, as a matter of course, obedient everyday sensitivity such as gentleness and the calmness of islanders gathering in the bullring to- gether, and, as for what is particularly impressive, in intense documentary which I smell of the blood called “bullfighting”, two sensitivity to disagree with is expressed in one piece of work wonderfully.

As he is saying in many magazines “I think that a photograph is present-day ukiyoe” on regular basis It is said “What photograph expression is”, standing face to face against an object with the belief of liking to leave many at least
one masterpiece which can remain in a time. The energy of the earnest work posture and the young writer who try to open a new ground level is felt. By this exhibition, it is stored up in 2010 by SAINSBURY INSTITUTE For the study of Japanese arts and cultures and the British Museum,him who got evaluation high after that to a standard, it is in from an analog to a present-day digital photograph anew about the print technique of the collection “Kuon/The eternal idles” (platinum, P, and print) of masterpieces. By reviewing all based on the history of a photograph, alternative prints, ink-jet photographs, and animation works are made intermingled especially — strong idea that he would like to establish new self-expression again by the exhibiting method etc. which “The optical box / The lights in a cube”, and he call It has. The hot work energy to his young sensitivity and his photograph by obtaining the opportunity of this work exhibition anew, Let Tsunaki Kuwashima be a “Grant applicant”, having an infinite hope for the result so that a stone can invest in the art circles in near future Japan as a new photograph expression. I recommend Tsunaki Kuwashima.