Brief Personal History

Tsunaki Kuwashima


Born in Yoshiwara,Tokyo Japan in 1972.After and returning to Japan from London,he worked professionally in fashion,advertising,and magazine photography.

As an ongoing pursuit he photographs bullfighting,dogfighting,and cockfighting,and in 2005 published the photocollection -“Togyuto Tokunoshima”、2006 “Shuan”.

In 2009,those two photocollections are in the collections of the British Museum and the Voctoria&Alvert Museum in 2011.

He won a prize of Ooki’s memorial furtherance fund for artist in 2013.It’s the first time in history for visual arts.

He held the exhibition “The eternal idol” that produced “Jomon Doki(straw-rope patterned pottery)”, and “Dogu(a clay doll in a motif)”at the UNION Gallery in London 2013.

So,now he is standing on the world stage.


1972:born in Tokyo,Japan.1994:Moved to England.1998:Came back to Japan.2000:Had a private exhibition “ Air Hole 2000”at The Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Art 2005:Published photo collection “Togyu-tou Tokunoshima“/The Island of Bullfighting,Tokunoshima  [Heibonsha Limited, Publishers] 2006:Published photo collection “Shuan” [Kyuryudo art publishing co.] 2009:“Togyutou Tokunoshima” and “Shuan” were added to the collection of The British Museum. 2010:10 of his works from his collection “Kuon- Eternity” were added to the collection of The Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures,England.Published photo collection “SNAPS 2”– a photo collection by the 120 photographers who love RICHO GRー.Participated as an invited guest. 2011:“Togyutou Tokunoshima” and “Shuan” were added to the collection of The Victoria and Albert Museum and was registered as the artist by the museum.Joined the exhibition “Unearthed” sponsored by The Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures.Participated as an invited participants.Gave lecture at the “Study Day” of the Exhibition “Unearthed”(Norwich, England).Joined the joint exhibition “Rebirth” at the gallery “Art 18/21“ (Norwich, England) 2013:Won a prize of Ooki’s memorial furtherance fund for artist.Had an exhibition “The Eternal Idols” at UNION gallery London U.K. 2016:Joined the exhibition “KYOTOGRAPHIE 2016″ at Kyoto Benrido Collotype Gallery. “Midsummer Death” exhibition at The Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Art

Group exhibition

2009:Zasshi Henshucho ga Erabu Mottomo Kitaisuru Sakkaten” – Editor’s choice, the most promising artists   [RICHO Gallery Ginza] “RICHO Shinrin Kyusai Charity Shashinten” – RICHO Save the Forest Charity Exhibition  [RICHO Gallery Ginza] 2010:RICHO GR SNAPS”   [RICHO Gallery Ginza] 2013:“Foil gallery VS Zenkyoan” [Kyoto,Japan] an art exhibition by contemporary artists.  (Yoshitomo Nara, Ryouji Arai,Tsunaki Kuwashima,& ETC..)



2001:Won “The new face prize“ of Fuji Film Photo Salon 2013:Won a prize of Ooki’s memorial furtherance fund for artist.Won a prize of The Great Britain SASAKAWA FOUNDATION for artist.


Photo with Mr.Keiichi Hayashi is Ambassador of Japan to the United Kingdom


Photo with Mr.Benedict Cumberbatch CBE (born 19 July 1976)[2] is an English actor who has performed in film, television, theatre and radio.


Photo with Mr.Noel Gallagher is an English musician, singer, songwriter and guitarist.


Photo with Mr.Simon Baker is curator of Photography and International Art at Tate Modern