If it weren’t for the fact that we prevailed over 400 million brothers whom we turned into rivals,none of us would have made it into this world at all.

Today,seven billion heartbeats representing the seven billion victors in this miraculous struggle echo around the globe.

Without realizing it we have become numb to the series of fortunes that is our continued presence on this planet,and,unable as individuals to gain any real sense of our own existence.

All our lives we repeat these contradictions,harming others and even ourselves in the process.

Animals whose will to live is so strong we are prepared to fight for it, we cling to this life we have won as proof of our status as victors.

The world appears to be colored brightly with people of all manner of skin,hair and eye color,but underneath, everything is the color of the blood that flows through us all.

It is this color alone that god gave to all living things without distinction, and this color alone that deserves to be called the one, absolute color.

Color exists only where light shines.

Of the countless color in the spectrum between pure white and pitch black,I want to cast loose those colors that are mine alone.

And yet I wonder:

Will the colors I see appear the same to you ?

                                          Tsunaki Kuwashima

Syuan (朱殷) : The blackish red colour of drying blood.