All proof of the blood that flows in the interstices between life and death.

“The violence bared in one-on-one combat.

And yet, not the plastered in fresh blood colour of love.”

Maruyama Kenji

As summed up by novelist Maruyama Kenji’s comment about this book, the world photographed by Tsunaki Kuwashima completely shatters and smashes the equivocal image world of gentleness and healing.

For years Kuwashima lent his entire being to seeking out the “ fighting animals” that are part of regional Japanese traditions, whether bulls, dogs or fighting cocks.

His photographs capture “ the visceral instinct to live” that courses through their struggling forms locked in wholehearted combat.

Undoubtedly, he also shoots the “ workings and enterprise” that inexorably link animal and human, an endeavor that is as strong as the will to hand the genes for “greatest power “ on to the next generation.

Turning back the stoically monotone cover of this volume and leafing through its pages reveals the beauty of the selected and honed animals prepared for battle.

The viewer is drawn, page after page, to the end by the overwhelming force of the “fever”that grips these people who crave victory .

SYUAN is the much-awaited new publication by photographer Kuwashima who has attracted so much attention in the photographic world and beyond in the realms of fashion and graphics.