Midsummer Death

Tsunaki Kuwashima’s an Art Exhibition

Tsunaki Kuwashima refers to the tiny island of Tokunoshima, some 500 km south of the southern tip of Japan, as ‘Bullfight Island’. The bull fighting tradition in Tokunoshima and its surrounding Amami region has a history of some 400 years from the time when the area was under the control of the powerful Satsuma clan. Tokunoshima in particular has been renown for their strong bulls and the dedication and respect its people give to them.

This exhibition centres on the life of one of the most successful and revered bull, Fukuda Kiwamichi I. Considered to be the strongest in the island’s bull fighting history, his glory is eternalised through the lens of Kuwashima and a series of collotype print portraits. The images tell a compelling life story of the animal from in his prime fighting years to his latter ages long after leaving the ring.

The prints are the largest of its kind – each measuring 120 x 120 cm and collectively reaching five meters long – ever to be produced by Benrido Contemporary Collotype Atelier in Kyoto, an esteemed art print specialist. The result is a dynamic display of photographic installation.