Bullfighting Island Tokunoshima


“The thing which really deserves the name of the fight.

There is rare experience to do in one of eyes there. “

Kazuya Fukuda (from the text)

Kagoshima, Tokunoshima that is famous nationwide as “an island of the bullfighting.”

In “the world of the bullfighting” where it is the traditional culture of this island, and the whole island burns for pride hot,

A report of a commentator, Kazuya Fukuda and the surprise that spirited photographer, Tsunaki Kuwashima approaches!



There is the bullfighting that a bull against a bull fight in Tokunoshima, Kagoshima Pref. Japan.

The eyes of the great yokozuna(the champion) who photographed it are gentle.

The “gentleness” was the look that only the person who could acquire it by oneself could give.

Tsunaki Kuwashima