“Bullfighting Island Tokunoshima”

Contributor : Eiji Sakagawa

-“Commercial Photo”(Japanese magazine)-

The eyes of this refreshed photographer

Have you already come through anything now?

Kagoshima is a collection of photographs which handled the bullfighting that is an island next to Oshima, Amami, traditional culture of Tokunoshima.

I finished looking and have felt it. That if a collection of these photographs was according to title, a photograph of the conflict of a ferocious black big cow throughout, it is ordinary 100 made with only the contemplation of the writer that the collection of these photographs happens quite often

It was not to have changed at all.

A reason at the positions where a collection of these photographs is rare is that Tokunoshima is talked about well while running after violent bullfighting. Tokunoshima comes very much.

It was durability distance for the object of the photographer that I turned up a page several times, and noticed that a collection of such photographs would come out why.

The side where the side to take is taken is a natural posture exceedingly whether the person of the island is tolerant or whether a photographer creates a feeling of relaxation. And it was eyes of Tsunaki Kuwashima where what loved Tokunoshima and a person of the island came to that was more splendid.

It is the thing which a smell of the death and the sign that split finely, a thing such as the miserable air follow to a thing having a game cock, a dogfight, a letter “to fight” called the bullfighting, but there is hardly never it to a photograph of Tsunaki Kuwashima. An exchange of courtesies of the refreshing heat of people who concentrate on it every excitement and festival of the delight when slim of living people of the quiet land which it is other districts of Japan to come out and has been about to already lose. It is a human figure singing in praise of, “I live” while tasting relaxed time. Therefore I was able to see a figure of the working of the person of the south island strangely happily though it should be a collection of photographs of the bullfighting.

The look of the photographer called Tsunaki Kuwashima feels like hiding possibility to refresh the horizon of the collection of this kind of photographs.

A game of the bullfighting that I caught from under the side of the audience. A shadow of cycad piling on top of the ground. The look of the boy of the half-finished time. A line of blood streaming down the body of the cow like lava. The classroom where there is nobody staying of the heat after school. Time and the sea which stopped and the person who take a nap. It is delicious and is piled up without losing weight without becoming heavy, and a technique and sensitivity are put all together with it.

Have the eyes of this photographer already gone through anything?

This is because it feels like taking a photograph of the monochrome by a color.

There was not normally it to his photograph though it was the thing which produced somewhere cloudiness when power entered the shoulder when the person who took a commercial photograph became such a photograph and it was juicy and dried too much.

It looked fresh to my eyes.

Arrangement and the layout are good, too.