“Bullfighting to live”

Contributor : Wahei Tatematsu

-from Asahi Newspaper Company-

A cow is a quiet animal. The thing to eat fights with grass and cereals and defeats a partner and does not eat the thing which I defeated.

If a cow fights, it is for a human being. It is substitute struggle.

Most of the struggle is some kind of substitution if they think. The soldier exchanging the life in a battlefield fights in substitution who who is more for oneself. The public excited at boxing and K-1 makes a pretext of a player fighting in substitution what it is. A devil begins to be blurred by what time of times from the public openly if there is not a thing to give in substitution. It is the ruin of it that is the community.

I thought about such a thing in spite of being a chestnut in a page of collection of photographs “bullfighting island Tokunoshima”.

At first a sentence of Kazuya Fukuda is good. “The intuition called 臨在 of the death that I learned when I set foot in Tokunoshima for the first time was not overturned till the last”. But it should be called the smell of the dead person of the dead person rather than a smell of the death

Both the life and the death are open, and the southern island smells of the death in じその light when live vivid brightness rises. The reason why I am pulled in the southern island is the neighborhood.

There is sumo in Oshima, Amami, and there is bullfighting in Tokunoshima. Since it is a cow to fight as human substitution, naturally it becomes severe. I think that there is a settlement called the parent and child sumo in the root when I watch sumo of Oshima, Amami while naturally being a fight with real swords that I strengthened own body. A son fights against father, and father ruptures to a child gradually. I assume time congratulation.

But the bullfighting of Tokunoshima seems to have a pureness to have of struggle brought to a conclusion more not a settlement.

“The cow which won nestles as calm and family and friends who got sick from the victory jump and dance it, and the people letting the omen is dated it, and a child sit go through the condition of the indifference for a loser”

Bullfighting is a thing called the pure crystal of the struggle. I only separate only time for struggle and do not stare at the fight of the cow, and, in the place that I sail up the whole community of the island in a bleached bone and the past when it was and arrested, there is the heaviness of this book.

Without struggle, youths do not stay in the island. Bullfighting is the identity of the islander. The wound where a cow and the blood fighting with a photograph of Tsunaki Kuwashima drip is vivid, but, as for me, two men like scenes pulling each cow at the shore. One is a boy and pulls the cow which added a rope to a nose in the way that it is quite important. Although age is unknown, another one squats down by oneself and the cow watches it towards the sea and stands. It is a casual everyday scene, but close air drifts between a cow with a human being and lets you feel a thing called the eternity.

Tokunoshima does not have such a scenery if there is not bullfighting. There is not the cow, too, and there is not the youth, too. It is scenery to shiver with, but is the reality of the island of most depopulation.

In addition, around one cow, there is the photograph that boys pose proudly. It seems to be a team since I wear the clothes that it is full of the same black. It is strange for some reason that only a cow is expressionless in this. I understand well that the community of the island makes ends meet in this way.

In time following towards eternity, the person suffocates if I do not squander it in some one point either.

Therefore It is the desperate working for the bullfighting to be valid in an island, too. Because is a collection of photographs letting understand it well altogether,truely.

There is a contemporary claim. The photographer who I enter and speak of bullfighting, and came over hugs the whole Tokunoshima.

I write this manuscript in an airplane toward Ishigakijima from Tokyo. I transfer with a stone wall and go to Yonagunijima.

When I went for invitation to a ceremony approximately two months ago, people of Yonaguni welcomed you by bullfighting.