Tsunaki Kuwashima

Neon is the evidence of the desire of human beings.

Can we tame our desire?

Desire means to be the mainspring of us to drive us to our absolute must,“to live”.

Hence, it is difficult to tame.

Nevertheless, the death can tame it.

By extinguish the existence,The death makes everything end up in emptiness.

Human beings stared to make hole on the wall that divide the darkness brings by the sunset and the tomorrow,For the fear of death which is certain to come to all.

The stronger the desire is, the brighter the light in the darkness is.

There come just as many colors for in the darkness as there are more desires.

In the city, people and lights get thicker and thicker,and they are piled up high at the air that used to be called sky.

The stars scattered in the space used to be the light that we spent time together with till the sun rises,But we cannot find them in the city anymore.

The light surrounds us came to be the ultimate light And wiped out all the other lights.

The lights of our city are like aurora,Rising at the air at the mercy of stream of the times.

If you wish to see the aurora of our city moving to and fro,

You’d better close your eyes.

It should spark more beneath your closed eyelids.

You know that all is illusion.